A Brief History

A long time ago, two brothers had a competition to confirm who was capable of buying the most malt whiskey. After bragging for some time, they both decided to flush their pride down the ditch, and contributed funds; hence the founding of Scotia bar.

Once functional, it hosted over 250 single malt whiskeys within its premises. With the need that arose from the customers for other services like food, the Scotia Bar was expanded and thus called Scotia Dunedin Restaurant. It was popularly known for its constant provision for the people of Dunedin with first class feed. This Restaurant was a one stop destination for families who needed to have a treat of their lives.

Whether you needed to cheer up your Old Scottish Grandpa by giving him some Scotia whiskey or you wanted to grab some scotch with the lads and lassies at the upstairs bar called ‘Doon’ when it really boomed. Then Scotia was that favourite place that kept dragging people and they came back for more.

Scotia took a single pride in great customer relationship and service. When it came to assisting customers to match their wine and food selection, Scotia took the lead. With professionally trained chefs who were knowledgeable to offer customers the best food experience possible. Tasty hearty foods with great flavour, they also offered Scottish favourite touches like oatcakes, haggis, hogger neck and cullenskink.

They were located in the heart of Dunedin, Bonny Scotia had its way of stealing their customer’s whole heart to lust after it thereafter with its warmth of true Southern hospitality. The menu showcases the best of Scottish cuisines added with a contemporary flair of New Zealand. Its whiskey bar was fully stocked with not less than 200 of Scottish brewed single malt.

Scotia Bar and Restaurant Was Fitted With These Great Inlets

  • Chamber Of Coffee- Served locally farmed bacon and salmon, taste buds were catered for by the Kitchen with eight different salads made in house weekly. 
  • Marbecks Foodstore- Stocked on their shelves were local and internationally sourced specialty of foods, most locals did not want to miss.
  • Mazagran Espresso Bar- Before some folks went to work, they always stopped by quickly to grab a cup of coffee here and had no regrets. 
  • Preservation Society – It was situated then just by the side of Scotia. It was an awesome vintage shop that teemed with great outfits like glam dresses and cool threads from the 1920s t0 the 1950s.
  • Excellent service, some of the best starters, I’ve ever had. I ate deliciously prepared pork belly with a spread of French onion– James Hyde
  • Charming décor and lovely food – Melanie Brittle
  • I had a wonderful Raspberry panacotta, good food and great service– Gerard Thornton
  • Had a lovely dinner with my boyfriend, nicely set beautiful tables. I wil sure come back sometime soon – Hamlin Tasha
  • The scallop entry caught my fancy, I had a good taste of Whiskey too, great service – Louise Dina
  • I love taking scotch at Scotia Bar – Jo. Haden


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